How to remove Login Popup and see posts without registration

How to remove Login Popup

People are interested in how to remove login popup while browsing It shows up once you are trying to look at the posts or stories or scroll down to load more posts. It is really annoying.

Luckily, there are a few ways to see the content.

1. Using - easiest way

Just type Instagram user name or hashtag at the search bar you want to see and enjoy! Yes, it's that dead simple. For your inspiration some popular accounts of Khloé @khloekardashianJustin Bieber @justinbieber or infinite source of memes - @9GAG

2. Using techie web dev tools - extremely hard

Alternatively, it's still possible to browse but tricking website. It's a really advanced method and probably should not be used as people not familiar with programming can break the page layout. Use it with great caution.

Step 01: To Enable Scrolling Function

  • Select and go to any of the Instagram public profiles that you're looking to access or view.
  • Keep scrolling down until you notice that popup box appears together with the translucent background layer. 
  • Press the F12 key on your PC keyboard.
  • After pressing the F12 key, Developer Tools will appear on the page.
  • Look for this line: <body class=" " style="overflow: hidden;" >
  • Then Double click on the word "hidden."
  • Click one more time and make sure that the short flashing vertical line (aka cursor) is in front of "hidden."
  • Move the cursor to the front of the word "hidden" and delete it away or replace it with a "visible" word.
  • Now clicking the page, you'll be able to scroll down the Instagram page.
  • While the popup box and the translucent background layer will be still existing.

Step 02: Remove Pop-up Box

  • You are to click on the 1st icon of the Development Tools to select the "Pick an element from the page."
  • Move your mouse cursor forward slightly outside orinside the popup box. Here, the page will have a "light blue color layer" over the page.
  • Click on it and press the "Delete" key of your keyboard.
  • Instantly the popup box vanishes.

Step 03: Remove Translucent Background Layer

  • Like the first point in Step Two, move your mouse cursor to the first icon again to click "Pick an element from the page."
  • Keep moving your "mouse cursor over anywhere" on the translucent page.
  • At this, you will see a "light blue color screen" instantly that will be covering over the translucent background layer.
  • By clicking on it, press on the "Delete" key of your keyboard.
  • Surprisingly, the translucent layer will disappear like magic. 
  • Now, If you're done, click on the "X" to close the Develop Tools
  • Thus, you can enjoy viewing a particular Instagram profile right away.

Conclusion web Instagram viewer provides an easy and convenient way to see your favourite accounts and doesn't require any technical knowledge and time commitment.