Repost photo or picture on instagram with and without application.

How to repost on instagram (2 Methods)

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where it’s effortless to share, retweet, you can’t share or repost on Instagram. So if you want to repost something on Instagram but unable to find a trick, this guide is for you.

As there is no reposting function on Instagram, you need to keep essential things in mind before following the reposting guide. These things include getting permission (license) from the real owner of the content, video, or photo that you want to repost. It’s a must because, according to Instagram, policies reposting other people’s content is a grey area.

Social networks apps on the mobile phone

After getting permission, follow these steps:

Install a reposting App in your mobile

After getting the reposting permission or copyright license from the owner, your first task is to install a reposting app on your mobile phone. While searching on iOS and Android app stores, you’ll find various apps for reposting on Instagram, but the best and our recommended apps are these:

For iOS:Repost+ for Instagram

For Android:Repost for Instagram

Copy the post link in Instagram

The apps recommended above work the same way in mobile phones, whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user. After successful download and installation, open the Instagram app and tap the three dots at the top of the post that you want to share. Here, you’ll see different options like “Copy Link” and “Copy Share URL.” Go to either option and press it until it shows, “link copied to clipboard”

Open the Instagram reposting app.

Now, open the Instagram reposting app that you’ve already installed. Your saved post will be visible with two options “Attribution Mark” and “Copy Caption.” You’ll have an option sometimes to remove it or attribute or copy and paste.

To copy the original Caption will be easy for you here and more on Instagram, it happens automatically for you. Copying the original Caption and giving credit to the real owner.

Repost on Instagram with your Caption

As you have an option to give credit to the original poster, with the use of a reposting app, you can also add your Caption on Instagram.

Go into your Instagram app, where Instagram will give you options to repost your story in your feed or Instagram story. Note it down; when you are going to repost something as a story, you would not be able to copy over the Caption.

After doing all the things discussed above, you can make changes and adjustments to the image: apply filters, edit the fonts, colors, and texts the way you want.

However, if you don’t want to edit the Caption, you can paste the already copied image and give it an original caption. If you’re doing this with the help of reposting apps automatically, then sometime you’ll notice that the Caption comes with the Instagram handle of the original poster and the reposting app name in Caption.

Add your Caption above the original Caption. Keep in mind to stay within the words limit (2,200 characters) in Caption.

The alternative option for reposting on Instagram

If you don’t want to install apps and don’t want to follow the steps discussed above, then there is an alternative option. You can take a screenshot of the original post, image or poster on your mobile, edit that, make further adjustments and upload without giving any credit or showing handle.

This is a simple and faster way of reposting. But the main reason many don’t recommend this method is, it’s against the Instagram Policies and illegitimate.