Top 5 Instagram Tricks - get more subscribers and likes!

Top 5 Instagram Tricks

Like other social media platforms where users share their news, videos, and views, Instagram is solely developed for celebrities and influencers to only share pictures and videos.

According to 99firms reports, almost 26.9 million users are currently using Instagram. With this vast number of users, it stands as the best tool for entertainment.

When various celebrities, politicians, and influencers have a large number of followers, at the same time, many people wish to increase their followers. Although some users apply different tricks for increasing Instagram followers, however, it is not that easy task. Furthermore, some users apply various Instagram hacks to stay prominent and keep a profile with a different look than others. They do some Instagram settings and privacy changes to do so.

Instagram tricks

So if you are thinking the same, today in this guide, I’m going to share with you 5 top Instagram tricks/hacks.

01. Use your own fonts on Stories

The first trick to surprise your followers is to use different fonts that Instagram offers. You can use five different fonts like Classic, Modern, Typewriter, Neon, and Strong. However, if you are a brand/business, then you might need customized fonts. So how to set that? Don’t worry, for that follow these steps:

  • Open up the fonts tool. You can find them either with the name Instagram fonts or Fonts for Instagram. These tools will give you multiple options to choose the desired font.

  • Type the words that you want to post later. Check how these words give the appearance in different fonts and styles. Select the one matching to your brand aesthetic.

  • After font selection, copy the text and open the Instagram app. Paste the copied text in your stories, bio, or caption.

02. Get Extra Color from Color Section

Many brands and businesses fall frustrated when their brand colors don’t match with the one available in stories. And many don’t know about this, one of the top Instagram tricks too. So to have access to use more colors in stories than the colors available by default in the color selection tool, follow these steps:

  • Open Stories and tap the drawing pen icon

  • Click on one of the colors at the bottom and hold your finger for sometime

  • After this, a gradient color palette will show up, and you’ve to select the color you like the most.

  • It also helps to color text or anything you want to decorate. Just apply the same technique.

Extra colors in selection

03. Add & make several hashtags in Stories invisible

Instagram provides an opportunity to add hashtags in stories, which is the best way to boost organic reach and attract new potential followers or customers. Although there is an allowance to add up to 30 hashtags in one post, it seems spammy. So to keep your hashtags invisible here you can follow these steps:

  • After opening up the stories, select a shareable photo

  • Write a hashtag and move it to the solid background side on your photo

  • Then, tap the pen icon and make the color background and hashtag color the same

  • Now, if you want to add more than one hashtags, repeat this process.

Add hashtags

04. Change the order of your filters

You might face difficulty every time while selecting the right color for your posts because there is no proper or by default setting on Instagram to keep the most-used color upfront. It can be an irking thing for you. To avoid this and maintain the order of the Instagram feed post-filters apply this top Instagram trick by following these steps:

  • Go to the section where you craft and edit posts

  • Move to the filters, scroll down and click manage to right

  • Click and hold the three-line icon. Now, you have access to drag the filters and arrange them in order.

  • By checking and unchecking the circles to each filter’s right, you can hide or unhide filters.

  • Now you can save the settings.

05. Create shortcuts for standard replies

Creating shortcuts for standard replies is also one of the top Instagram ticks that most Instagram users don’t know. This hack is favorite for businesses, companies, and brands with a large fan following or customers that they have to deal with through replies and messages.

For a customer putting the same query over again and again, these handy shortcuts for standard replies can save a lot of your time. You can do settings on both iOS and Android. Let’s discuss the setting on iOS.

  • Open your iPhone settings

  • Go to General and then Keyboard

  • Tap Text Replacement

  • Create a new shortcut by clicking the + symbol

  • Under phrase, type the response you want to create

  • Type the abbreviation or word for response and click to Save

  • After doing this, when you’ll type the shortcut, your phone will automatically show up the full phrase