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apple On set with three-time Academy Award® winner Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki and the #iPhone12Pro - the first device ever to capture, edit and playback in Dolby Vision. Original Score by Hanan Townshend. #ShotoniPhone 12 Pro by Emmanuel L. @chivexp

15 days ago

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apple “I was on a study visit at the zoo with a group of students. At first glance, there was nothing about the deer that caught my eye. But after a few minutes of watching, they started to look like they were sprayed with white dots." #ShotoniPhone by Nasil N. @nasil_nazer

17 days ago

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apple “I am lost in thought as I look out at the endless horizon. The clear, brilliant blue color of the sea relaxes the mind. Everything nature creates lives in harmony." #ShotoniPhone by Eunseol J. @seolarchive

19 days ago

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apple “Photography creates an exclusive space that belongs to me and my subject, undisturbed by the mundane world. I walk around at will, keeping an ideal distance from everything that is happening, and the moment I decide to press that little button, I complete my one-way interpretation of every work in that space." #ShotoniPhone by Tessa C. @tautoism

21 days ago

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apple Do you walk your dog? Or does your dog walk you? “My dog is not interested in plodding along next to anybody. She is a force of nature. Everything she does is worth trying to capture, even if she’s a blur going past most of the time." #ShotoniPhone by Ann H. @alice1280

23 days ago

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apple Color conveys emotion. “In our culture, these vibrant colors are linked to festive moments like weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays and festivals. They are associated with pure joy. I decided to celebrate my mom in the traditional African colors for all she has done for me." #ShotoniPhone by Horace M. @yung_horace

25 days ago

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apple “I’m always watching how colors come in and out of frame, and how certain colors play off one another. These elements allow me to see the story going on within the scene. A lot of them are simple, ordinary and unlikely, but to me, it’s those mundane moments that draw me in closer.” #ShotoniPhone by Joe G. @ioestreet

27 days ago

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apple “As a fan of old horror movies and the history of the Arctic exploration, I mix these two passions into my vision. I try to visualize and hyperbolize impressions of the first Arctic explorers in front of greatness and the threat of the untouched Arctic nature while I’m shooting.” #ShotoniPhone by Denis B. @astromadman

29 days ago

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apple “You could hear the wind blow through this paddy field. It was relaxing to hear the birds chirping and frogs croaking, an entirely different environment than I'm used to in the city." #ShotoniPhone by Muhammad F. @farisofar

about 1 month ago

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apple On National Public Lands Day, we are reminded of our role to preserve the natural world around us. “When humans love something, we protect it. That is deeply coded in all of our DNA. When we fall in love with any part of the natural world, we will go to great lengths to protect it. One of the best ways to nurture the world and all that lives in it, then, is to help others find something to love there. That is one of my duties: to tell visual stories that, at their best, help people find love for the natural world in which we all exist.” #ShotoniPhone by Anson F. @ansonfogel

about 1 month ago

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apple “The atmosphere created at sunset on these beaches is unique, with light partially cut by the cliffs. We take advantage of every moment to play. It also brings back memories of my courtship with my wife, mother of my two daughters, with whom I now share these sunsets.” #ShotoniPhone by Paulo T. @pajo7780

about 1 month ago

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apple “I wanted to capture a moment with my horse, Sirena, to show the contrast between her ginger tone and the grass she was walking through. You can see the changing of the season from a dry winter to a green spring.” #ShotoniPhone by Mariana N. @mnarvaezdlp

about 1 month ago