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m10_official Jumma Mubarak 🤲🏼🕋🕌 #hayirlicumalar #M1Ö

5 days ago

m10_official Happy Birthday, Boss! 🎁🎈 Thanks for all your trust and support you've given me from my 1st until your last day @Arsenal FC. Without a doubt one of the greatest managers in the Premier League history - always respectful, fair & honest. Wishing you all the best! 🏆🙏🏼 #M1Ö #ArseneWenger #YaGunnersYa

6 days ago

m10_official This is a difficult message to write to the @Arsenal fans that I’ve played for over the past few years. I’m really deeply disappointed by the fact that I have not been registered for the @premierleague season for the time being. Upon signing my new contract in 2018, I pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club that I love, Arsenal, and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated. As I have just found out, loyalty is hard to come by nowadays. I've always tried to remain positive from week to week that there's maybe a chance to get back in the squad soon again. That's why I kept silent so far. Before the Coronavirus break I was really happy with the development under our new coach Mikel Arteta - we've been on a positive way and I would say my performances were on a really good level. But then things changed, again, and I was not longer allowed to play football for Arsenal. What else can I say? London still feels like home, I still have many good friends in this team, and I still feel a strong connection with the fans of this club. No matter what, I will keep fighting for my chance and not let my 8th season at Arsenal end like this. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I can promise you that this hard decision won't change anything in my mindset - I will continue to train as best as I can and wherever possible use my voice against inhumanity and for justice. #M1Ö #YaGunnersYa

7 days ago

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m10_official Jumma Mubarak 🤲🏼🕋🕌 #hayirlicumalar #M1Ö

12 days ago

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m10_official Thanks to each and everyone for the birthday wishes today. Special thanks to my charity team for this great video 🙌🏼🌎❤ #M1Ö #thankful

12 days ago

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14 days ago

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m10_official 'The Cage' is now available for preorder on the @hideandjack website 👟 It was designed to celebrate my childhood and personal story. Together with @albertofranceschi all the profits will be donated to help children affected by the Covid-19 crisis in Italy in order to have access to digital education. 🇮🇹🙏🏼 #HideAndJackxM10 #M1Ö

19 days ago

m10_official I was so sad that Jerry Quy aka our famous & loyal mascot @officialgunnersaurus and integral part of our club was being made redundant after 27 years. As such, I’m offering to reimburse @Arsenal with the full salary of our big green guy as long as I will be an Arsenal player so Jerry can continue his job that he loves so much. ❤️🙏🏼 #JusticeForGunnersaurus #M1Ö #YaGunnersYa

21 days ago

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m10_official Always happy to assist in North London, my home. ❤️ Proud to be part of the Unitas Youth Zone team and to give young people safe and inspiring places to go in their leisure time. 🙌🏼 #ambassador #M1Ö

about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago

m10_official Jumma Mubarak 🤲🏼🕋 never give up making du'a to Allah. It may not happen now, it may not happen next month, but it will happen when Allah knows is best for you 🖤 #tb

about 1 month ago

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m10_official 🔜 season 2020/21 💥❤️⚽ #M1Ö #YaGunnersYa #COYG

about 2 months ago