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Never fully understood what it meant when I was told or heard ‘be mindful of your breath’. I think I get it, maybe. It is when you truly understand that every single time you take a breath, you are alive. Alive. With every single inhale, alive. With every single exhale, alive. Imagine being aware of every second of being alive. Acknowledging it. Ufff we’d love/live so differently, we’d treat each other with care, we’d use our words carefully.. we’d honor each breath, we’d honor life. P.S I’m really still working on practicing this all the time

5 days ago

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Meray ustaad, meray pyaaray Nigah Jee, Thank you for being such an important and joyful part of my journey. I love dancing with you in my room and I love being taught by you on set. Allah aap ko hamesha hasta muskurata rakhay aur humaray rishtay mein humesha pyaar aur izzat barqarar rahay. Ameen. Saalgirah Mubarak. Jaldi se bus aajaein.. Love you always, Aap ki, ماہرہ 🌹 P.S I have been wanting to say this for a while - I hope that our award shows create categories for our technicians. It’s about time! I hope we get to see Choreographers, cinematographers , art directors, makeup/hairstylists, editors etc get recognition. Our films/dramas are nothing without them 🙏�

7 days ago

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Ever since I was a child I’ve had a sleeping issue.. or at least that’s what I was told. All I remember is, waiting for the night to come so that everybody else would fall asleep and I would have the night all to myself. I used to dream with my eyes wide open - imagining God knows what all. Acting in a film, winning something in school, talking to the boy I had a crush on.. I would play out different scenarios every night. I can’t say I miss it.. because nothing really has changed ( except for the scenarios of course)! What I do miss, is my Ama singing to me when we were little. That used to put me to sleep right away.. P.S will be stealing more of your work for my stories @abdalmufti amazing art 🍂 @kaavishtheband

9 days ago

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To the loveliest people I’ve met.. I’m so sorry.. sending prayers ♥

9 days ago

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Today I have really really missed my dada dadi. My old home, that feeling of excitement that I would get when Ama used to wake us up.. running upstairs to dadi to show her myself all dressed up. That tray - uff that tray.. my dadi used to set it up so beautifully! All of us cousins used to stand around waiting for our eidi. Today I give eidi.. I try to give it the same way my dadi used to give it to all of us. I think that’s the beauty of life - we pay it forward to our children and our loved ones🌹 Eid Mubarak to all celebrating �

13 days ago

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15 days ago

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Ya ya ya at ya �

17 days ago

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That ache in your heart, is just as temporary as the temporary world that caused it �

18 days ago

So many years, so much has changed but not our #hulkiphulkibhook and our love for #hulkaphulkatuc 💁🏻‍♀️💛  Director - @farooqmannan Make up - @adnanansariofficial Hair - @iambabarzaheer Styling - @mavikayanistylist P.S Wait for the next Kahani 💝 @tucpakistan

20 days ago

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22 days ago

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Clouds showing off again �

25 days ago

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