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Just take me to the spa 😩🧖🏽‍♀

3 days ago

Good morning to everyone who follows me on @onlyfansofficial and no one else �

4 days ago

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The message I want to send to the THAWRA in Lebanon today. I love you, Beirut, I wish I was in those streets with you on this October 17th. As much as you’ve been knocked down this year, you’re still strapping the gas masks up and moving upwards to forge the change we need. Révolution day, October 17th. Don’t ever forget

8 days ago

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This is really just a time lapse of my ponytail migrating to the side of my head in 50 minutes. Abs credited to @realmikaelpadilla at @lagreeundergroundweho for always pushing me

8 days ago

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Once again, REALLY enjoying my time on @onlyfansofficial

9 days ago

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Donate to @lebaneseredcross for clear skin ✨ (link in my bio to book a cameo from me, 100% of proceeds benefit the LRC

11 days ago

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Tagged where I got my favorite things 💕 @robertsandberg

15 days ago

Being on Only Fans is going great, thanks for asking 🙂 @livefrommyof

16 days ago

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This move instantly corrects the damage I do to my hips from doing nothing and watching Netflix all day. @lucaspaul putting me through a ringer at @lagreeundergroundweho @realmikaelpadilla #tbt

17 days ago

WET ASS POST-OAK BRISKET 💦 📸: @leannmueller1 2018 @la_barbecue

18 days ago

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It’s been two months since the explosion and there has been no accountability taken, no investigation, and no resources implemented by the state. I’m sorry it took this long, @lebaneseredcross but this money is getting to you no matter what it does to my credit score 😭 KEEP TALKING ABOUT LEBANON 🇱🇧 keep donating. Keep sharing resources. Link in my bio to donate to the LRC ♥️ will update again on my stories once the wire clears

20 days ago

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@jtfirstman walked so I could not have to work

26 days ago