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Get out and Vote. ✅ @jennyholzerstudio @tabithasoren

4 days ago

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I did it! Did you? Feels good to exercise my right to VOTE. I like to think that ray of light coming through the trees 🌅is ALL of the women who came before me who did not have this fundamental right. ✨🗳 Ok ... 18 days until the election! Have you sent your ballots in?? Text me a photo of your "I Voted" stickers! 615-235-5390❣

6 days ago

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Thankful for this California sunshine🌞💙 @draperjames

7 days ago

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Pumpkin muffin ✅ Pumpkin pie ✅ Pumpkin spice latte

8 days ago

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My Fizzy Apple Cider cocktail recipe! Perfect for fall and pairs well with just about any dance move 💃🏼🍂�

9 days ago

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Remember hugging?? 💕 #fbf

13 days ago

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Pepper wanted to check in with y'all and see how everyone's doing. �

15 days ago

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Will be doing this groovy routine every day until further notice.✨🕺🏼 Thank you for the much needed Monday hype @norah_yarah_rosa

17 days ago

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My kind of #Fortnite .. Hahahah! Get it @deaconphillippe

18 days ago

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Fall Porch decorating! This is my attempt at @southernlivingmag Fall Porch edition... check story for my DIY adventures 🤪🍁�

19 days ago

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Reading takes us all over the world, and this month we are traveling to modern-day Ghana with our October book pick, #HisOnlyWife by @PeaceMedie Married at a young age to a man who is very mysterious, the main character Afi struggles to find her independence despite her family’s wishes. This book centers around young marriage, social pressure, and breaking all the rules. Pick up a copy and let's discuss these wonderful characters at @reesesbookclub 📚🇬�

21 days ago

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1. Jump around 2. Jump around 3. Jump up, jump up and GET DOWN! 🤸🏼‍♀

23 days ago